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Unique Gift Ideas for Geographers

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for the geographer in your life? Listed here are some unique geographically themed gifts that go beyond atlases, globes, and wall maps for a range of gift giving budgets. ...(more)

The Geography and Geology of Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most geographically diverse areas in the Southeast part of the United States. Learn about the West Gulf Coast Plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, the Ouachita Mountains, the Arkansas Valley, and the Ozark Plateau in Arkansas....(more)

What Skills Does a Geographer Need?

To be a successful geographer, certain skills are needed in order to be able to understand the Earth's physical environment as well as human patterns and processes. Learn here what skills geographers need to have....(more)

The Three Youngest Islands in the World

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can give birth to newly formed islands. Learn about the world's three youngest islands. ...(more)


Understanding Atmospheric Lapse Rate

You may be aware that the temperature changes the further up you go in the atmosphere. For instance, you may have noticed yourself getting colder as you ascended in a plane, or experienced the chilly air on a mountaintop. The scientific explanation for these changes in temperature is called lapse rate. There are different kinds of lapse rates, and different factors that influence that rate. The following will help you to better understand this environmental phenomenon....(more)

Tornado Season in the Midwest United States

Tornadoes occur all around the world, but the United States sees some of the most frequent and violent tornadoes. Tornadoes can happen at any time in the U.S., but tornado season in the Midwest and the surrounding areas generally occurs from April through July, with May being the month with the most frequency of tornadoes. The Midwest experiences tornadoes, but typically not in the same numbers and severity as in the Plains states, most notably Tornado Alley (which is generally determined to be the area that stretches from the base of the Rocky Mountains to the base of the Appalachian Mountains). Midwest states that are part of Tornado Alley include Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa....(more)

Effects of the September Equinox Weather Patterns and Seasonal Shifts

Seasons shift year after year, according to cycles. While meteorologists plot their calendars according to full months and seasonal weather changes, astronomers base theirs on the relationship between the movements of the earth and the sun. Fall and spring begin with equinoxes. An equinox occurs when the axis of the earth has no tilt in relation to the position of the sun. The September equinox, also called the Autumnal or Southward equinox, sets in motion the shift into the autumn season....(more)


Interesting Facts About South Korea

Interested in visiting South Korea? South Korea is a country in East Asia located on the Korean Peninsula. It bordered on the north by North Korea, on the west by the Yellow Sea, and on the east by the Sea of Japan. South Korea is known as "Land of the Morning Calm." Its capital, Seoul, is a busy center of culture and finance, with companies, such as Hyundai, based there. South Korea is a fascinating country to visit, and it is helpful to have some background before you go....(more)

Geography and History of the Kashmir Region

The Kashmir region is in the Indian subcontinent, specifically comprising its northwestern region. it is an area known as Heaven on Earth for its beauty. It includes the state of Jammu and Kashmir (Indian-run), the Pakistani-controlled regions of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, and the Chinese-run regions of Aksai Chin and Trans-Karakoram Tract. It has been owned and ruled by many different nationalities in the past but is now jointly controlled by India, Pakistan, and China....(more)

Beijing: The Capital of China

A country's capital city is often the center of government, and sometimes culture, within the country. Most often the capital city of a country is also its most populous area. Beijing, the capital of China, has the distinction of being one the most populated cities in the world. Explore the information below to learn more about the capital of China....(more)

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