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South America

Geographical Facts about the Amazon River

One of the most important rivers in the world, the Amazon River is one of the longest and widest rivers in the world. An incredible number of species of fish and other animal life are found in the Amazon River as it travels through the most biological diverse area in the world. ...(more)

Building the Big Ditch: All About the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal has a long and rich history. The canal was built to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for quicker shipping rather than traveling around the South American continent. The Panama Canal split the nation of Panama, and measures just over 51 miles in length. The Panama Canal, officially opened in 1914, was built for the ships of the past. Today's larger vessels need more room, and the Panama Canal Expansion Project, with that in mind, is designated for completion just a little over one hundred years later, in 2015....(more)

The Ins and Outs of Barbados

The most easterly of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados may be small, but there is much to see. A small tropical paradise with a population of approximately quarter million people, Barbados has beautiful beaches, historic sites, and natural ecosystems that can be explored. Having a Barbados world map will make getting around a lot easier, and will also provide you with an idea of some of their points of interest. From electronic interactive maps to printable maps, there are various types of maps that can assist you with getting around Barbados....(more)

Latin American Countries in South America

Latin America is a very popular tourist destination. Perhaps you've thought of taking a trip to South America but were not sure which Latin American countries to include in your itinerary. Most people plan to visit Brazil and Argentina, but there are many other Latin American countries in South America that deserve your consideration and would be happy to help you spend your tourist dollars or pesos. Here is a list of all of the Latin American countries in South America as well as a few facts that will help you decide where you'd like to visit....(more)


Unique Gift Ideas for Geographers

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for the geographer in your life? Listed here are some unique geographically themed gifts that go beyond atlases, globes, and wall maps for a range of gift giving budgets. ...(more)

The Earth's Imaginary Lines

A map of the earth is covered in lines running east-west and north-south. These imaginary lines mark the location of the equator, prime meridian, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, and the International Date Line. ...(more)

Architecture, Art, and Animals: A Map of Albania

The Mediterranean country of Albania features a unique landscape, rich cultural heritage, and immense historical significance. Legends and ancient accounts combine with the pristine Albanian Alps to create a truly magical experience. A map of Albania does little to show the wealth of natural wonder found within the country, and tourism is mainly focused on the coastal regions. However, there is a lot that this unspoiled terrain has to offer for the adventurous traveler or the curious explorer....(more)

Man Made Features

The Distinction of U Shaped Valleys

Also known as a glacial trough, U shaped valleys are an example of the power of water, both liquid and frozen. They can be seen all over the world, and in all different contexts. Some of these U shaped valleys are home to farming and industrial growth, while others are in pristine condition in national parks. They have distinct geological attributes compared to other types of valleys, and are typical of mountainous areas....(more)

Politics Versus Geography: Understanding State Borders

If you have looked at a map of the United States and wondered at the shape and size of the 50 states, you may also wonder exactly how the state borders were created. State shapes and sizes are man-made, and can sometimes be arbitrary boundaries....(more)

Claritas PRIZM

San Diego-based Claritas Corporation developed an impressive system to classify ZIP codes across the United States by demographic. The man made system is called PRIZM NE, which stands for Potential Rating Index for Zip Markets- New Evolution. The system was developed for marketing professionals so that they could quickly identify the defining characteristics of a geographical location in order to more easily develop marketing plans for products in that area. Claritas and the PRIZM NE system where subsequently bought by the Nielson Corporation. Read on to find out more about the system....(more)

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